New benchmarks, New era.

Built on the twin foundations of trust and excellence, Setu Group, over the past decade and more, has emerged as a formidable name in the real estate industry of Ahmedabad. Setu group has behind them over 2 million sq.ft of real estate development, their portfolio is a mix of residential as well as commercial establishments; with each of their project being a glorious demonstration of high-quality construction. Backed by the vision of its founder, Rakesh Shah, the group is carving a niche for itself among perfection-seeking consumers. Armed with exceptional technical brilliance, a deep sense of aesthetics and outstanding customer orientation Setu has created new benchmarks of excellence in the region.

Excellence. Expertise. Elegance

Setu Group nurtures the three core values of Excellence, Expertise and Elegance across all development projects that they undertake. Every project is a striving for excellence across every construction parameter. In the field of real estate, what sets the best apart from rest, is the expertise of the core team. Setu Group’s core team holds multiple distinctions of technical knowhow and hands-on experience. Lastly, eachone at Setu is driven to create a piece of work that is elegant. Anything that is less than best is has no scope of consideration at Setu. Together these three values, help them accomplish projects that have become landmarks on repute.

Setu Group’s portfolio of projects is a mix of residential and commercial projects. Leading corporate and popular retail brands have chosen Setu’s properties as their chosen premise. Taking the progression ahead, with Ananya Villas Setu aims to bring about a paradigm shift in the way a ‘home’ is perceived. While the larger discourse around high-end residential development in the region is around luxury and lifestyle, at Ananya Villas, Setu has envisioned a ‘home’ that celebrates life. Inspired by nature, the entire project aims to steer the discourse beyond halls and kitchen and create a benchmark of aesthetic achievement.

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